Windows Repairs in WilmslowWe can make windows repairs in Wilmslow at Sterling UPVC. You might be surprised that we offer this service. After all, our UPVC windows are engineered, manufactured and installed by us. We make the claim that our windows are durable, long lasting and practically maintenance free. All that is true with normal use. However, no window is indestructible. Hit the frame hard enough with a hammer and you’ll damage the material. Throw a hard ball at it just right and the glass will break away along with beading. If you pound nails into the corners to hang curtains, they will not reseal on their own. Our locks are burglar proof and the frames tightly fitted to prevent intruders. Still, they can do a lot of damage just trying to get in.

What’s true for our UPVC windows is also true for our aluminium window frames. That is why, in Wilmslow, windows repairs are sometimes needed even if they’re our products. Then again, if you have old wooden windows with rope sashes in need of repair, we can repair those too, even though they’re not our products. If you love them and want to keep them, we’ll make them go up and down smoothly, reglaze the windows, and replace the old locks. At Sterling UPVC, we also build conservatories in many different styles. Some have window roofs and that glass and the framework is resistant to elements. If a jet drops a package of blue ice over your house, it will likely damage your window roof. The good news is we can make any repairs necessary.

We have an innovative staff that may someday make windows repairs in Wilmslow obsolete. In the meantime, our independently owned company is dedicated to producing a range of window products that are energy efficient, durable and secure. We use the highest quality raw materials for our PVCU, composite and aluminium windows. Since 1993, the year we established our business, we have served customers throughout the country. We are well known for high quality and reasonable prices. If at any time, your windows suffer damage, contact Sterling PVCU. Not every window can be repaired. But if it’s at all possible, we’re the ones who can do it.