UPVC Windows in WarringtonWhat’s so great about UPVC windows in Warrington? We think there are many great things about this amazing polymer. PVC is not new. It was actually developed way back in the 1940s and used for many things. Well, back in the 40’s they were still using wood for windows but technology marches on and brings new and improved PVC that has proven to be everything you could want in a window frame. We still install wood when customers want it for its insulation properties and aluminium for its greater durability over wood and vinyl. However, our UPVC window trumps the other materials by combining all their best properties in one. It’s an excellent insulator, it’s more durable than wood and it’s lightweight. Another great thing about our UPVC windows is when they finally do wear out, they are completely recyclable.

While those are all important factors for our customers, the final deciding factor is often cost. For windows in Warrington, UPVC windows are affordable. Our windows are guaranteed for ten years. They are manufactured to the highest of British standards from the finest quality materials. Our window glass is A+12 which makes our PVCU windows the most energy-efficient available. When you add in a wonderful selection of colours and styles, low to no maintenance, burglar-resistant locks and our guarantee, our UPVC windows offer way more for the money than most other windows. Of course, you can expect the finest of professional installation.

UPVC windows in Warrington are bespoke to enhance all types of homes. Slim modern frames or French windows; sash or casement; the choice is yours. We were established in 1993 and we enjoy bringing new innovations to our customers. We are not standing still and resting on our reputation but always on the lookout for high-quality products we can manufacture for our customers at affordable prices. But don’t just take our word for it. Contact Sterling UPVC or stop by our showroom and see our products for yourself. Let us show you the details that set our products apart from others. So what’s so great about UPVC windows is this; they incorporate the best of quality, durability, energy efficiency, style, security all at an affordable price. We think that’s huge because they’re really beautiful.