UPVC Windows in BollingtonWe recently fitted UPVC windows in Bollington, for a customer who had decided to modernise their new home and stamp their own personality on their property. Home improvements and renovations are a great way to do this, and it can be a good idea to do this shortly after a move when you feel motivated and energised. That was the reason our customer called Sterling PVCU. They knew that we were specialists in a wide range of UPVC products, from windows to doors and conservatories. With over twenty years’ experience, we have a wealth of experience in helping home owners across the north west get the look that they want and need.

One of the main reasons that people have Bollington UPVC windows installed is that they look so beautiful. Nothing looks quite as simply elegant as white UPVC window frames, and with the latest advances in UPVC technology, it won’t fade and yellow over time. It’s also possible to add a splash of colour to your windows, as we can supply them in powerful yet elegant colours of your choice. Do you think that the traditional wooden effect would look better on your property? Our wood grain effect UPVC windows give you the best of both worlds and can add a perfect finishing touch to a vintage or period home.

Customers who’ve tried our UPVC windows in Bollington never go back to wood. The problem with wood is that it’s no longer suited to our climate. Winters are getting colder and full of snow, and summers are damper and windier. This can have a devastating effect on wooden windows that are exposed to the elements. Do you have time to spend constantly re-painting or staining them, or adding wood preserver? If you don’t do it, then rot can take hold. UPVC windows are highly weather resistant and completely rot free, so it’s one less thing to worry about. That also means, of course, that they’re very tough and durable, so they provide a great first line of defence for your property. To find out more about our supply and installation service, give us a call.