Sliding Doors in StretfordSterling PVCU designs, manufactures and installs their own sliding doors in Stretford. One door is stationary and the adjacent door glides open past the stationary door. Sliding doors do not take up any floor space in your home. We use System 10 range of products. They bring the outside in like no other door because they open wider. In fact, these doors gently and quietly glide open so wide you can open up a whole wall in the room to your patio or pool area. It’s perfect for entertaining because guests can flow freely inside and out with little to hamper their movements. Sliding doors are ideal for homes and conservatories. When the doors are closed, you have a panoramic view of your garden area year round.

Uninterrupted sliding glass doors are beautiful but in Stretford, sliding doors can add charm to your interior home décor. Add window pane dividers for a French door look. The choices in low maintenance PVCu can have a colour or a rich authentic wood look. If you want blinds between the glass to block the sun or add privacy Sterling PVCu can build them to fit perfectly. The doors will stay beautiful looking for many years because our high quality PVCu is low maintenance. They are not susceptible to harsh weather damage like warping or peeling. Unlike wood framed windows PVCu framing does not rot.

You might think that all that glass in sliding doors in Stretford would cause high energy bills but our products are energy efficient. The doors are fitted to create a tight seal which will prevent heat loss in the winter. If you still have an old aluminum or wood sliding door you are likely experiencing higher fuel bills. Over time our products pay for themselves in energy savings while keeping you more comfortable. Contact Sterling PVCU for more information about sliding doors, or to request a free estimate for your sliding door replacement. We can project your approximate energy savings. You do not have to give up beauty and comfort to lower your carbon footprint with System 10 products. All of our PVCu product are recyclable making them an environmentally friendly product.