Shop windows in CongletonShop windows in Congleton are manufactured in our factory to your very high specifications out of top quality aluminium or UPVC or composite to your own unique requirements. As we make our own frames we can accommodate the most unusual or difficult sizes and shapes. Shop windows need to be secure enough to discourage tampering and also wide and clear enough for you to display your wares. Wooden window frames tend to rot or become unsightly as the varnish wears in the weather and our experienced staff can suggest the perfect replacement for your shop window. The outside of your shop and your shop window is the face the public first see and it needs to be neat, clean and attractive so that people will want to have a closer look. A shabby window frame will definitely put people off as it looks unkempt and uncared for and they will assume your products are also inferior.

In Congleton, shop windows are cost effective as we design, manufacture and install them ourselves to the highest standards. You may need your shop door replaced at the same time as your window is replaced and we can match the frames for both should you wish. Your shop door will need to be even more secure than your window and we will manufacture and install the most secure door and locks at a very cost effective price. Our highly trained and efficient staff will be able to help you with the choice of door and lock as well as a design unique to you.

Shop windows in Congleton are one part of our range of services. We manufacture bi-folding doors for entrance to terraces or patios. These can be incorporated into the window or door design of your shop. We manufacture and install conservatories and orangeries which are a wonderfully warm room to spend your winter in and allow bright sunlight into your house without letting in the cold. They are also marvellously energy efficient and can help you save on the heating bills. For more information about shop windows, contact Sterling PVCU.