School Windows in HandforthOur school windows in Handforth can be used in other situations besides schools and colleges.

The windows are made to be stronger than usual according to the strict regulations for schools and colleges. If you need new windows for a school we can supply and fit them at a very reasonable price. The windows are often made with safety glass or have a special film on them which prevents them shattering into sharp shards. Regulation 14 requires all glazing at low level which is below 1500mm in a door or adjacent to a door or 800mm in a window to comply with safety glass standards. Safety, laminated or toughened glass must have the British Standards BS6206 kitemark embellished on the surface. This glass will not shatter into sharp shards but will break into small blunt pieces.

When you are looking for new glass panes in Handforth, school windows may be exactly what you need. They are stronger than usual and are made specifically for windows which may be in danger of accidental breakage. There are government guidelines and regulations for schools. These dictate where the special glass must be installed. Building regulations have affected all replacement glazing since 2002. School windows are usually designed to let in a lot of light and often have the opening at the top of the window to allow a free flow of air around the room. Double glazing is another requirement as schools need to be as energy efficient as possible.

All school windows in Handforth must comply with the latest government regulations for health and safety in schools. Contact Sterling PVCU today and let us give you a quotation for fitting school windows. Our professional team have many years of experience with all types of glass and windows. They will be able to help you choose the correct glass for different areas in your home. This will ensure that your whole family is safe. An accident can happen anywhere and safety glass can lessen the impact or injury caused by breaking glass. If you have large sliding glass doors it may be a good idea to have toughened or laminated glass installed.