School Windows in CheshireFor school windows in Cheshire, talk to us at Sterling PVCU because we think you’ll like what we have to offer. The day arrives to begin refurbishment on your school and ready it for another year. If the windows are old they probably need re-caulking around the glass and new insulation strips to block drafts. Some will probably need to be reworked so they slide up and down easily and lock securely. One thing you don’t want in a school building during an emergency is windows stuck shut. If the windows are painted they probably need to be scraped and given a new coat of paint. Depending on the size of the school, this is a big job every year. So before you undertake this task yet again, why not find out what it would cost to replace the windows.

We measure your window openings, manufacture new frames to fit exactly from heavy-duty materials and glaze them with double glazed windows. Our new windows will give your school building in Cheshire, school windows that create an updated look for your building. Before you declare you can’t afford new windows, consider the benefits new windows bring and see how the cost can be offset in several ways. It costs you nothing for a price quote. We are a privately owned company established since 1993 and we enjoy an excellent reputation; highly regarded for the quality of our products. We sell to the trades but we also have our own highly skilled installation team at your service.

New PVCU school windows in Cheshire will update the looks of your building with a large selection of styles. They will also save you money because they are energy efficient. Our A+12 rated window is the most efficient double glazed PVCU window available. Our high-quality PVCU windows fit tight to provide great insulating qualities as well. We guarantee our products for ten years, but PVCU is so durable it will likely last twice that long. Since it’s maintenance free and whatever your colour selection, it will not fade or peel you’re going to save money on maintenance costs. Add to that secure locks to protect against vandalism and you’ll probably save more money. Contact Sterling PVCU for your free quote. It’s possible you can’t afford to not replace your windows.