School Windows in Alderley EdgeSchool windows in Alderley Edge should be large enough to let in sufficient natural light, and strong enough to prevent accidental breakages. Legislation requires that if the glass in school windows is below shoulder height and in a situation where it could be broken and cause injury, it must be safety glass. As well as safety glass, it strongly recommends that window frames, hinges and catches are safe. In instances where hinges no longer work as they are corroded,  where the frames are warped or loose, or where glazing is not securely fixed, the consequences can be serious.

In Alderley Edge, school windows should be manufactured and installed by Sterling PVCU. They offer two different kinds of windows, aluminium and PVCU. There are numerous benefits to both types, and both are suitable as school windows. UPVC windows are strong, durable and require little maintenance. Top quality UPVC windows are resistant to the sun’s ultra violet rays, which mean they would not fade in the harsh summer sun. This is a recommended feature for school windows. Another benefit of using UPVC windows for school buildings is that they are easy to maintain. A little soap and water is all that is required to keep them looking new for many years.

Another choice for school windows in Alderley Edge is aluminium windows. Aluminium windows from Sterling PVCU are coated with a durable powder coated finish available in fun colours appropriate for any school building. The powder coat finish will protect the aluminium windows from minor damage and will retain their new look for years. Visit Sterling PVCU to find out how they can assist you in selecting the most suitable school windows for your school. Their aluminium windows are manufactured using Smart Architectural Systems products. They are long lasting, smart looking and will enhance the looks of any building. If you would like to find out more information about suitable school windows, contact Sterling PVCU.