Replacement Windows in StretfordReplacement windows in Stretford installed by Sterling PVCU is a great way to brighten up your home.

If your home is a little dark, add a couple of windows and change the ambiance of whole rooms. Some builders of new homes, supposedly in the interest of energy efficiency install fewer windows or the windows are smaller. Some areas that are frequently left without a window at all are bathrooms, pantries and storage areas. Artificial light is supposed to make up the difference and it does when it’s dark. However, there is nothing like natural light to lift your mood and help you see into corners at the same time. Skimping on windows is a way of saving wall space when overall square footage is under 1500 square feet. That calls for creativity in window placement.

The new home buyer wants a fireplace so one whole wall is blocked from light because the chimney goes up the middle. In Stretford, replacement windows can be installed in newer homes such as this. Even side light windows either side of the chimney would help. In older homes replacement windows with frames in a lighter colour or white will make the room appear brighter. The window itself is new so more light comes in but without the heavy dark varnished wood the room will seem larger and lighter. You don’t have to worry about replacement windows or additional windows when Sterling PVCU installs them. Our windows are the most energy efficient double glazed window with an A+12 rating.

Choose your replacement windows in Stretford to suit the style and colour scheme of your home. French, sliding, casement, sash and more are part of our available selections. You have many non fading colour options. We guarantee the quality of our products which are accredited by the British Board of Agrement and British Standards Institute. You may be thinking you can’t afford our quality windows. Contact Sterling PVCU and you will discover we manufacture our own windows from best quality materials. You are buying directly from the manufacturer which saves you money. We source the materials, manufacture for a custom fit and install for a perfect fit. We’ve been doing it since 1993.