Replacement Windows in CongletonFor the best replacement windows in Congleton, go to the source. Sterling PVCU is your best choice for quality manufacturing, reasonable prices and expert installation all in one place. During the last 21 years, we have learned where the finest materials and components for window manufacturing are found. When new technology and design hands us an even better product, we switch. It’s how we stay on top and offer our customers the finest products available. Being on the manufacturing end gives us the opportunity to supply custom made windows for our clients. We don’t pop out one or two standard sized windows and leave it to the installers to make them fit. We manufacture them to fit.

There is no law that says all the windows in a home must be the same size. For old homes in Congleton, replacement windows are more likely to be about the same size in one room and several sizes in another room. If a window installer tells you that to replace all the windows in your home you will need to add brick work or repair siding then he lives in a box. He would have you believe the house must fit the windows instead of windows fit the house. If you love your large windows, octagon windows and porthole windows then we can replace them with UPVC windows that are low maintenance, guaranteed for 20 years, energy efficient and beautiful.

Sterling PVCU is thriving at manufacturing and installing replacement windows in Congleton and the whole surrounding area. Our business practices have proven successful and we have no plans to change. For our customers that means we are not going anywhere. We will be here to meet their needs and backup our products for many years to come. Your window replacement project may be simple or complicated but call us and talk to us about it. We have a way of making complicated simple. Contact Sterling PVCU for one window replacement or a whole house. You will love the look and low maintenance of our windows and our low prices. New windows is an excellent investment in your home that adds long lasting value.