Replacement Windows in CongletonOur top quality replacement windows in Congleton add significant value to your property. Sterling PVCU offers a dazzling array of designs, styles and pricing points to suit your individual requirements. We have been established for several years and are proud to be known as one of the leading manufacturers of windows, doors and conservatories in the UK. Ours is a privately owned company, and we are committed to using premium quality materials, state of the art technology and components. We offer finished products at attractive rates to suit your budget. Our clients value our attention to detail and our diligent customer service. No matter how big or small your project, we are delighted to provide the right inputs.

Windows are designed to match the overall theme and style of architecture. In Congleton, replacement windows can also help you make huge savings in energy bills. They are sturdy and weather resistant, secure your home against weather and noise and are durable, long-lasting and low-maintenance. Fire testing has demonstrated that these windows are naturally flame retardant. Our PVCU (Poly Vinyl Chloride Unplasticised) windows are available in traditional and classical designs such as casement, and tilt and turn types. Each one of these can be used to advantage in your home or office. Additionally, casement windows are available in sizes and colours to suit your home. They give the building a charming, elegant appearance. Moreover, tilt and turn windows offer that sleek and contemporary chic that gives your rooms a bright and fresh feel. You can choose either single or multi panes.

Replacement windows in Congleton made from PVCU will not rust, rot, warp, shrink or expand, flake, pit, peel or corrode. This material is much cheaper than timber or metal, but just as attractive and long-lasting. Thus, they require minimum care and you can get them sparkling fresh with just a quick wipe or light soapy rinse, with regular checks of the seals. Therefoire, for more details about our range of replacement windows, contact Sterling PVCU. Our expert installation team can help you with useful tips and advice on maintenance and care. As such, all our windows come with a standard 10-year guarantee.