orangeryWe recently received a query about whether we could install orangeries in Runcorn. We explained to the customer that Runcorn is in our service area and suggested that they make an appointment to speak to one of our consultants so we could get a good idea of exactly what they are looking for. An appointment was set and they gave us a detailed description of exactly what they were hoping to accomplish by adding the extra space to their home.

With these customers in Runcorn, orangeries were their first choice because they were looking for a more modern look than your typical conservatory. They wanted to open up their kitchen and extend the dining area into the outdoors and they want to get as much natural light as possible. An orangery is a perfect way to accomplish that as it adds a modern design to the standard atrium roof. We then went to the property to make sure that it could actually be installed in their chosen location. Sterling PVCU makes sure that there are no obstructions in the way such as trees or roots and we made sure that the exterior wall they choose was long enough to accommodate the addition.

Once the design had been settled upon we were able to order their orangery. Once it was installed the customers let us know just how thrilled they were with the whole process. The difference that this made to their home was quite remarkable. It added a whole new look and dimension to the kitchen area making it look like parts of the outdoors were brought into the home. If you are looking for orangeries in Runcorn give us a call, we will help you from the design’s conception stage to completion. Find out more on our website.