Double Glazing in CheshireMy family recently made an excellent decision when we chose double glazing in Cheshire and we are so happy to have used Sterling PVCU to do the work. This is a company that has years of experience, friendly, helpful and incredibly tidy workman and it just suited our budget perfectly. To be honest we haven’t stopped singing their praises to any who will listen! For years my family has lived in an old home with the original windows. While we loved how they looked, we hated how drafty they were. At times during a winter storm you could hear them rattling in the wind, and you sure could feel those drafts. After some serious consideration, we decided it was time to make a change.

For many in Cheshire double glazing might not mean much. As my family shopped we learned a lot about windows. When we spoke with the knowledgeable staff at Sterling PVCU we discovered that double glazing meant that our new windows would be made up of two separate panes of glass with a small air pocket between them. At first I didn’t understand why this would be such a big benefit. It turns out that the pocket of air between the panes of glass helps insulate the windows.

By choosing double glazing in Cheshire, we knew we would be saving money on our energy bills, but we were still concerned about the look of our windows. Imagine our relief when we learned that our new windows would look great! Sterling PVCU offered us a choice of wood grains and colours, as well as a nice bright white that let us pick a window that went perfectly with our home. Variety as they say is definitely the spice of life and this is one of the reasons that so many customers can find what they are looking for when they Sterling PCVU. We always try to ensure that we have something for every taste and for every home, not an easy task mind you! If you are tired of your drafty old windows, get in-touch with Sterling PVCU today for a free estimate.