We received an interesting question last week about PVCU windows in Warrington, and thought the answer could be helpful to the wider public. The caller asked the very basic question, what is a PVCU window? For years windows have been made with wood frames. These old frames have a number of drawbacks, primary that wood does not weather well over the years. PVCU is a ridged composite plastic like material that has been developed as a replacement for wood in construction. It has the benefit of very low maintenance, and not being susceptible to rot. Even with very little care, this new material will last for ages, and look good doing it.

At Sterling PVCU we have been manufacturing all our our windows in Britain for 20 years. This experience has allows us make a great product that responds to consumers demands. Recent trends have pushed the manufactures to make more efficient products, and we have been happy to fulfill that request. It has become well known in Warrington that PVCU march1windows have recently received the highest energy efficiency ratings.

As our caller learned, our company has invested heavily to increase the quality and variety of products offered. Expansion of our manufacturing methods has allowed us to increase our product line to include bi-fold, patio, and composite doors while still focusing on producing the best windows possible. If you are looking for ways to lower your energy bills, improve the look of you home, and reduce maintenance we are offering PVCU windows in Warrington that are the perfect fit for your needs. Call us today on 01925 818 700 or visit our website for more information.