window 3Many potential customers have been asking us about PVCU windows in St. Helens, so we thought we might take the chance to answer a few of the more common questions. First and foremost, nearly all of our customers ask what PVCU is. Many people have heard of PVC. This common plastic like material is frequently used in handbags and fake leather applications. PVCU is an unmodified version of the same material that is less flexible and is commonly used in plumbing and as a durable building material.

The next most common question from our clients in St. Helens about PVCU windows is how long they will last. This is where PVCU really shines. This material will never decompose and is very resistant to weather. This makes it the perfect material for windows. A common concern with old wooden windows is the rate at which the frames break down if they are not very well maintained. Maintenance is another area where PVCU out preforms traditional materials. The only thing you need to do to care for you new windows is give them the occasional wipe with a damp cloth to keep them clean.

At Sterling PVCU we have been proudly manufacturing a wide variety of windows, doors, and conservatories since 1993. By owning our own factories we are able to ensure quality using scan points at each work station throughout the process. As the manufacture of our own products we proudly stand behind every sale. The fact that the vast majority of our business comes from referrals speaks clearly to this fact. If you are in the market for PVCU windows in St Helens, the choice is clear. Sterling PVCU is here to serve your needs. Call today on 01925 818 700 for more information.