PVCU Windows in LymmPVCU windows in Lymm offer so many benefits it’s no wonder that they have become one of the most popular upgrades to existing homes and the choice for new builds. Commercial building owners who renovate with PVCU windows are smart because these new windows give old buildings a facelift and save considerably on energy costs. At Sterling PVCU, we get asked why PVCU windows are so great. We start with a caveat; not all PVCU windows are great. Some are poorly made from cheap thin material. We manufacture our window frames from excellent quality materials. We will show you the difference between our windows and some of the lesser quality products on the market.

We’ve been in business since 1993 so we’ll add professional installation to that caveat. When you start with quality materials and professional installation the benefits in Lymm of PVCU windows are tremendous. Their level of thermal comfort is the highest and they are more durable and less expensive than timber or aluminium. The same insulation quality that lowers your energy bills and prevents drafts also blocks street noise and dirt so your house stays cleaner and quieter. Sterling PVCU windows carry an A+12 rating making them the most thermally efficient double glazed windows you can buy. The low maintenance is a big deal for most people. PVCU never warps, peals, or needs painting.

Windows in Lymm are manufactured by Sterling PVCU, including bespoke windows of all styles to suit your home or commercial building. Our customers also have a choice of frame designs. White is a popular colour for our windows but our customers have many colours from which to choose. Those colours will not fade like traditionally painted window frames. Windows are also meant to keep intruders out and all our windows are equipped with secure locking mechanisms. Now that you know what’s so great about PVCU Windows manufactured and installed by Sterling PVCU, contact us or visit our showroom and see all the great selections. We left out one thing; the prices for our windows and installation are the most competitive for windows of this quality.