PVCU Double Glazing in Alderley EdgeIf you need to save on your energy bills then PVCU double glazing in Alderley Edge can help you.

We manufacture high quality products in PVCU or aluminium to suit all your needs. Our windows are made to meet the highest security and performance level with excellent quality locks. This enables you to keep your family safe as well as warm. We can design and manufacture any style of window you need including traditional types of windows for older homes. All our windows come with ‘A’ rated double glazing. Older homes were often built with single glazed windows in wooden frames and over time the frames decay and the windows are energy inefficient. It therefore costs money to keep your home warm and to repair rotten timber widow frames.

If you have an older home in Alderley Edge, PVCU double glazing can make your home snug and warm. If you have the space you may want to have a conservatory erected. These are one of the most useful rooms in the home. They are warm and snug in the winter and allow you to open the doors and enjoy your garden in the summer. You can watch the wildlife in your garden throughout the year. It also provides you with an extra room and in some places you do not need a building permit to erect one. The glorious feeling of light and airy space is wonderfully relaxing and adds a whole new dimension to your home while increasing the value. This effectively gives you another room in your home.

We offer a stunningly good deal in PVCU double glazing in Alderley Edge. Contact Sterling PVCU today or visit our showroom to see how we can make a difference to your home. We have been manufacturing our products for over 21 years and have the ability to supply the customer with what is required rather than what is in stock. We manufacture our products to the highest standard and only use leading component manufacturers so that we can be assured of quality. We control all aspects of the manufacture of our products and our quality control is particularly stringent. Our team are very experienced in production design, manufacturing, installation and technical solutions.