Give your home more comfort, style and security with PVC-U windows

Selecting windows for your home will define its character on the outside, and bring you comfort, warmth and security inside. Eurocell PVC-U windows will last for years, offering beauty and performance with easy maintenance.

A choice of styles and colours

Eurocell delivers high-performance contemporary window systems in a range of styles – from conventional casement windows, contemporary tilt-and-turn, Georgian style vertical sliders and reversible windows to stunning French windows. You can be sure there’s a window that’s perfect for your property and taste.

They’re available in a vast range of colours too, from white and grey to woodgrain finishes.

Increased safety, warmth and sustainability with PVC-U windows

PVC-U windows from Eurocell look terrific and deliver long-life performance, with guarantees of up to ten years against discolouration, warping and cracking. They also offer the highest levels of security and energy efficiency, keeping your home comfortable and warm all year round while lowering your energy bills. In fact, Eurocell’s range of windows incorporates the highest energy rated PVC-U window available. We also use 100% recycled PVC-U components in our range for added sustainability.

Fast installation

You want the minimum of disruption while work is being carried out, so all Eurocell windows are designed for quick and easy installation.