Orangery Manufacturers in BowdonOur family wanted to find a traditional orangery manufacturer in Bowdon to build our dream room as an addition to our existing home. We had definite ideas about the size and location of the room and how much of each wall would consist of glass. We primarily envisioned a place where our family could relax and entertain together and with friends. The idea of feeling as if we are outside but without the discomfort of extreme temperatures appealed to us. Adding the scented air and beauty of two orange trees to a comfortable and informal living and dining area was just our dream come true. Sterling P.V.C.U. made it happen.

We heard the Sterling PVCU name recommended in Bowdon for orangery manufacturers so we thought they could build our traditional orangery. It turned out they were not new to the manufacture of orangeries. They completely understood what we were looking for and made suggestions regarding room dimensions. We settled on a choice for structure materials, flooring and number of doors per wall. We were just so excited to get the work started. You need to know about cost and the good news is Sterling PVCU will strive to provide superior quality within your budget. We like to think our orangery was free because while we plan to enjoy it for many years to come, we feel confident that when the time comes to sell we will enjoy a full return on our investment.

Selecting Sterling PVCU for orangery manufacture in Bowdon was the best choice we could have made. They are an independently owned and operated company in business since 1993. They stay up to date with innovations, materials and techniques that continually improve the products and services they can offer to both commercial and domestic clients. Since energy efficiency is important to us we were glad their window products are A rated.  A certificate of authenticity for the Ultraframe roofing system means Sterling PVCU never substitutes inferior quality materials.  We felt completely secure knowing the roof to our orangery could withstand whatever Mother Nature dispensed. The goal Sterling PVCU sets for themselves is to exceed their customer’s expectations. When they manufactured our orangery, they certainly met that goal.  We are thrilled with the product quality, appearance and professionalism of the whole team. Let Sterling PVCU build your dream today!