The Eurologik profile system combines leading energy efficiency performance and aesthetics with ease of use, for the ultimate system. Eurologik is specially designed for ease and speed of fabrication and fitting, featuring a unique, patented knock-in bead system. Ideally suited for new build or replacement windows, its 70mm front-to-back dimension enables the seamless replacement of timber frames. Eurologik is designed for improved aesthetics and clean sight lines, with its unobtrusive gasket line and slim profile. The profile features multiple chambers to enhance thermal efficiency and strength, and improve drainage.

The Sustainable Option

Eurologik features post-consumer recycled PVC-U in the central core of the profile with 100% virgin PVC-U external faces. This ensures the same aesthetics and technical performance but with more environmentally responsible benefits for today’s discerning customers. It offers the same benefits but with more sustainability – at no extra cost to you.

Leading Energy Efficiency

Maximising the thermal performance of windows is vital to meet rising regulatory and customer demands. The advanced multi-chambered design of the main Eurologik profiles (including the optional six-chamber slim outer frame system) and innovative PVC-U Thermal Inserts work together to lock in heat. This means our ‘A+’-rated windows offer market-leading double-glazed unit performance and value.

Exceptional Air Tightness and Weathering Performance

The post co-extruded (PCE) gaskets on Eurologik profiles use a specially developed compound and twin-leg profile connection system with one-way support arm. This provides excellent adhesion to the main profiles. Tested to BS6375, the gasket system achieves outstanding air tightness and weathering performance, improving energy efficiency further by minimising air leakage.