Enquiry For Slide Folding Doors Prestbury


We’ve had an Enquiry For Slide Folding Doors Prestbury from a couple who were keen to unite the internal area of their property with their conservatory; through slide folding doors, to create a unique living area. Having found us prominently on searches, they were suitable impressed with our credentials and in particular the Visofold range we manufacture in accordance with the Smart System Ltd range.

From Prestbury enquiries for our slide folding doors range to throughout Cheshire, we are synonymous for quality and customer satisfaction. Established in 1993, we have quickly risen to become exponents of the manufacture, design and installation of a range of quality made products-Alluminium systems in particular-that compliment households and businesses throughout the region. Certass and Fensa accredited, we have a reputation that is unblemished.

With the enquiry for slide folding doors in Prestbury, we are in discussion with the couple about the Visofold range, and what will best suit their requirements. Ideal for those who want to take advantage of  the view from their house or bring the garden ‘inside’, the system is able to allow enough light in-when weather is inclement-and will glide effortlessly to open for a warm summer’s day. Available in a choice of standard and non-standard colours, they have a ‘polymide’ thermal break which increase the thermal qualities of the product; with security assured multi-point lock mechanisms. A truly all-encompassing slide folding door from Sterling P.V.C.U