conservatoryWith the mortgage problems facing growing St Helens families, Sterling PVCU can help by adding conservatories St. Helens‘ residents can enjoy. A new mortgage often begins with begging banks and providing mountains of documentation. In addition to the stress of mortgage approval, finding an appropriate home in a safe neighborhood in your part of the city can be enough to push you over the edge. Imagine the excitement and relaxation of staying in the home you love that is near to your schools, employment, and friends, and enjoying that extra space your growing family needs so desperately.

At Sterling PVCU we can help with space problems through a unique solution to your family’s growing size. In St. Helens, conservatories are popular. A customer recently asked if we could evaluate her home to recommend some room modifications that would provide extra space for a new baby. This family was unable to move to a larger home, but the baby on the way did not care! She was coming, and she wanted a bedroom when she arrived from the hospital. With the help of our design professionals, we were able to add a beautiful new conservatory for a breakfast area, and the old breakfast room is now a beautiful new nursery. The family saved thousands over building a new room or purchasing a bigger home! Rather than giving a banker a large amount of money in fees and interest, this young family saved the money for themselves and got a new conservatory and baby room!

Sterling PVCU is an established business with a sterling reputation. Your new room will have the highest energy ratings and can be designed to fit the architectural style of your home. Whether your home is traditional or Victorian, your new conservatory will look like it was a part of the original drawings and build. We can provide a traditional roof, but many customers love the glass top roof for bringing in the colors of the garden and the beauty of the world outdoors. Even if you are not ready to purchase, please contact Sterling PVCU to see what we have to offer. With new conservatories St. Helens homes become more elegant and provide the luxury feel of a new home for you.