march 3Sterling PVCU was recently able to install its double glazing windows in a Runcorn house that was designed by one of the leading young architects in the country. And sure, they were delighted when he chose their technologically superior SGG EcoClear+ windows, but at the same time they weren’t surprised. As a company that not only prides itself on its superlative service and faultless quality, but they have become renowned for not only meeting a customers requests, but also utterly surpassing their expectations at every turn.

The Runcorn double glazing windows that were selected for this ultra modern themed and exceptionally designed house is hands down the leading choice of window for any homeowner today. Whether one is building from plan, or renovating an old home, in these tight economic times in which budget is in the forefront of everybody’s mind and with escalating climatic concerns, saving money on heating bills should be an attractive option. But the practicality aside, the windows are attractive and will be a noticeable and remarked upon addition to any home.

In the last 20 years, Sterling PVCU has become a market leader and one of the country’s most sought after brands in conservatory, door and window manufacturing. Our team of highly trained consultants and installers have all the technical advice one needs. With an extensive range of products, it doesn’t matter whether one is looking double glazing windows in Runcorn or one is looking to add a conservatory onto a home in Manchester, as a nationwide brand we’re able to assist you. Call us today on 01925 818 700 and find out how we can impress you.