Double Glazing Windows In AltrinchamAfter being plagued by mounting electricity bills, a couple decided to install double glazing windows in Altrincham. They were advised that their single glass pane windows were providing poor insulation against the cold and heat. During the winters, the couple was constantly plagued by cold draughts, condensation, and chilly cold spots. Double glazing works by trapping air between two layers or panes. Air conducts heat poorly and therefore when it is trapped between two panes provides protection from cold air and warm air. Since glass is an excellent conductor, rooms without double glazing are simply going to lose heat very quickly through their windows.

The couple in Altrincham wanted  double glazing windows. After speaking to a qualified professional at Sterling PVCU, the couple began to systematically replace all the windows in their homes with double glazed ones. The technician further advised them that another advantage of installing such windows is that they prevent cold spots, draughts, and messy condensation. Additionally, the couple also has the option of later installing special glass for protection against fire, and safety toughening. By installing ECOCLEAR windows by Sterling PVCU, the couple could take advantage of the highest level of Window Energy Ratings as set by the British Fenestration Council. Shortly after installing the double glazing windows, the couple was pleased to see a reduction in their home’s electricity bill.

If you want to save money on your home’s electricity bills, consider installing double glazing windows in Altrincham by Sterling PVCU. For more information about their products or services, please contact them directly at 01925 818 700. Alternatively, find out more on the website.