march 5If you need double glazing units in Warrington then Sterling PVCU has the product for you, whether it is for your home or business. Our company manufacturers all of its products, whether they are windows, doors, patio doors or conservatories, to the highest standards that comply with the stringent guidelines laid down by the British Standards Institute and using modern manufacturing techniques. We also constantly pursue new and innovative products to both improve our product line and to meet the changing market and the needs of our customers. Double glazing products are no exception.

Here in Warrington, double glazing units are used in the majority of our products, not only in standard windows. In addition, we use units that are both visually attractive and are energy efficient as they offer 25% better insulation than older or other types of glazing. You therefore save significantly on your heating bills. SGG EcoClear®+ windows are the most technically superior range of glazing solutions available today. The thermally insulating glass technology results in the highest possible Window Energy Ratings, according to the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC). You are also making your contribution to safeguarding our environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

The combination of style and energy savings makes these double glazing units an extremely attractive and good investment for your home. If that was not enough, EcoClear windows maximise natural light in your home, do not cause any haze or tint effect, conform to all current building regulations, almost eliminate condensation, and the ‘warm edge spacer bar’ reduces draughts and cold spots significantly. For more information or advice about our double glazing units  in Warrington contact Sterling PVCU today.