Double Glazing Units In WarringtonDouble glazing units in Warrington, are one of the most common and popular ways of lowering your energy costs and improving the way your home looks and feels. The concept of insulated glazing or double glazing involves two panes of glass separated by a gap or space that’s filled with gas or air. The glass used, on either side, is of the same thickness or quality, although it can be laminated or tempered based on what you require for your home. At Sterling P.V.C.u, we ensure that your window panes are of the highest quality, offering the most incredible energy saving features you can imagine. In Warrington, double glazing units are a natural choice for home-owners because of their ability to lower your heating or cooling bills. The SGG EcoClear+ range of glass, which we offer to our customers, is one of the world’s best solutions when it comes to double glazed units. They come with one of the highest Window Energy Ratings (WER) under the British Fenestration Rating Council and reduce the CO2 emissions while lowering the amount of energy-loss through what is, usually, the biggest source of energy leaks in homes – windows! Double glazing units, in Warrington, allow just the right amount of light through, which means that you can lower your winter-heating bills by letting natural sunlight heat-up your rooms. Moreover, it reflects the inside-heat back into your house thanks to our advanced coating technology. That means, 3-times better thermal insulation for your home and a massive 25% better insulation technology than traditionally manufactured insulating glass. Over the course of time, you can save thousands of pounds by lowering your heating or cooling bills, without affecting the natural-light entering your homes at any time. What’s more, this wonderful form of double glazed glass conforms to all building norms while removing condensation, draughts or cold spots in and around your home. No, it doesn’t cure small pox but then, they’re just double-glazed glass panes after all! Contact Sterling P.V.C.u today and find out you need to know to make the right decision.