St Helens, double glazing unitsDouble glazing units in St Helens that are provided and installed by the team from Sterling PVCU are of extremely high quality. Why? Because we offer our customers the Eclipse range of double glazed products which combine cutting edge technology with aesthetics and savings, regardless of which product in the range you have installed.

In St Helens, double glazing units manufactured by Eclipse are offered as casement, continental styled French, vertical sliding sash, and tilt-and-turn windows and in domestic front and back doors, patio and French doors, bi-fold concertina doors and in the range of conservatories (Victorian, Edwardian, the ‘P’ Victorian and the lean-to). All of the units are double glazed sealed glass units which are extremely energy efficient which results in the inside of your home staying warm. The retention of heat has a knock-on effect in that it results in savings on heating costs or bills. In fact, the savings you will gain will pay for the double glazing several times over. Eclipse units also significantly reduce noise from outside thanks to the insulation. On top of these benefits, the door and window range passes even rigorous security tests with their extra strong locks and protected hinges. Also, the high quality PVCu eco-friendly materials used in the manufacture of these products results in windows and doors that require the bare minimum in terms of maintenance; they will not be affected by weather or aging the way traditional timber is. Finally, Eclipse windows are very versatile as they can be made to match the style of the window or door the unit is replacing or the customer can select an entirely different design.

If you require double glazing units in St Helens for your home or office that offer all these benefits and look good too, call us at Sterling PVCU today and we can provide you with information of make an appointment!