Double Glazing in CheadleDouble glazing in Cheadle by Sterling PVCU opens up so many options for home improvement that is both beautiful and functional.

For those living in older homes, you don’t have to compromise the architecture style of your home in order to update the windows. Back in the day builders kept windows small in size and sometimes fewer than you would prefer. The reasoning was cost savings on construction and keeping the escape of warm air to a minimum. It’s likely your last update was to replace the heavy wood storm windows and screens with aluminum combination storms and screens. They were a great improvement over climbing the tall ladder to change out the old wood storms and screens every year. At least until they pitted and bent and would no long slide up and down. They also leaked like a sieve.
Now you can have the original look only better with windows from Sterling PVCU.

When replacing old windows in Cheadle, double glazing windows can be decorative glass in sash windows or a nice bow window to replace two windows. We can also go up a little in size without too much trouble so you have larger windows letting in more natural light. That will really give a more spacious look to your interior. Instead of replacing the back kitchen windows you might prefer a glass slider instead. If you really want to let the light in add a conservatory. You will be improving the appearance of your home and the investment will add value. Just as important is your enjoyment of your home and ease of maintenance.

Double glazing in Cheadle will add to the charm of your older home and lower energy costs. The same insulation that saves you energy also keeps out dirt and noise from the street. Your window frames never need painting and come in colours that compliment your home. All that and you get to keep your gorgeous wood mouldings, ornate door headers and fireplace surround and authentic floors. Contact Sterling UPVC and let’s go over all the ways double glazed windows can save you money and improve the quality of your life. Plus, you’ll be safer because our windows are fitted with police approved locks and lovely hardware.