conservatory specialist in WilmslowThere is little doubt that the number one conservatory specialist in Wilmslow is Sterling PVCU. They have over 20 years in the business and they take conservatories very seriously. They are at the cutting edge of manufacturing for PVCU. Never letting their guard down they have taken every opportunity to expand and develop new products. In 2011, they widened their portfolio to include bi-folds, patios and composite doors. This was a sign to the market that they will always be up to date and offer the most innovative products.

In Wilmslow, a conservatory specialist at Sterling PVCU is at the cutting edge of advancements in the manufacture of a wide range of PVCU products. This is a privately owned company which means they take pride in improving their products. This was highlighted again in 2011 when they introduced the aluminum bi-fold and patio doors. This cemented their place as market leaders. As a leader in technology they can ensure that their products are first to the market and of the highest quality. Every decision that is made, is made with the quality of the product in mind and how best to please their committed customers. Very little is spent on marketing as most of their customers are from recommendations. This is a point that Sterling PVCU are very proud of.

How can they ensure high quality with each product they make? The premier conservatory
specialist in Wilmslow has ‘scan points’ at each workstation. This ensures that each stage of the production is tracked and analysed for deficiencies. The addition of this high tech feature in their factories means they can expect a flawless end product. Nothing is left to chance and customers are always satisfied. Should you need more information about a conservatory specialist, contact Sterling PVCU today.