Conservatory Specialist in Hale BarnsSince our company’s inception we have become a leading conservatory specialist in Hale Barns. Over the years we have built up an outstanding reputation for providing high quality tailored solutions that meet our existing and new customer’s expectations. We strive continually to maintain a high standard, that is why we invest in the very best and latest, modern innovative first rate components. In addition to an extensive high quality product range, we guarantee the best workmanship from our highly skilled and motivated workforce team. We demonstrate our attributes through the designs of our conservatories, doors and windows, providing total customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

In Hale Barns, our conservatory specialist at Sterling PVCU has delegated scan points which allows management to track every job from start to finish throughout the factory to ensure quality control and good customer feedback. A well- designed elegantly built conservatory for instance, not only adds extra living space but is certain to add value to your property. A conservatory not only provides a lot more space but can be utilised as a family room, study, and lounging area. Conservatories allow a lot more natural light in to your home, while providing a comfortable elegant space where one can also grow fresh herbs and flowers all year round. Our wide range of traditional and contemporary designs is manufactured to the highest standards.

A conservatory specialist in Hale Barnes will provide a solution to meet any budget and style allowing customers to choose from polycarbonate or glass roofing systems. Not only does adding a conservatory add value to your home, but expands your living space, making the home enjoyable and more luxurious.  We are exceptionally proud of our achievements as a leader in the industry, and will continue to offer a wide range of upmarket products and services as well as keep improving on our high standards of meeting our customer’s demands. For more information take a look at our brochure online or give our support team at Sterling P.V.C.U. a call. Let us add value to your property and transform your house into a really stunning home.