Now your conservatory can become a great living space all year round

With an Equinox® tiled roof, your conservatory becomes a usable space whatever the weather or time of year. That’s because it won’t get too warm in the summer months or too chilly in winter.

Why Equinox®?

A tiled roof lets you transform your underused conservatory into a cosy extension of your house. Equinox® is the fast and simple way to make that change – and is the cost-effective alternative to building an extension.

Key features:

  • Still lots of natural light – roof lights can be fitted with to keep that airy and bright feel of a traditional conservatory roof.
  • Save money on the cost of building an extension – Equinox® is simple and easy to fit onto an existing conservatory.
  • An advanced and fully insulated design means that you won’t be always having to heat your conservatory – so you save money on energy bills.
  • Superb weather protection with less glare from the sun or rain noise.
  • Ideal for new conservatories or existing ones.
  • Wide range of tile options and colours to suit your property.