Conservatories in Sale MoorConservatories in Sale Moor open up a whole world of possibilities. At Sterling PVCU, we see it over and over as we complete conservatories for homeowners. We build them in all sizes and styles but even a small conservatory will open up and light up the house. These beautiful rooms add the extra space to have private conversations or a quiet place to read. They easily transform into space for entertaining. If you love to grow plants then a conservatory with the glass see-thru roof tempered to withstand the elements will suit you very well. You might prefer a solid roof which allows year-round use. Of course, you could compromise and get the sold roof with a sky window.

When we speak with our customers about conservatories the emphasis is often on open air and sunshine. However, in Sale Moor, conservatories for homes in a wooded setting are just as enjoyable. In fact, wooded settings are often darker but the conservatory serves the same function for letting in light and fresh air. Of course, we don’t want trees too close to the house with or without a conservatory. We would also recommend the solid roof. Year round use is great if you want to use your conservatory as a family gathering space, especially for holiday get-togethers. Christmas trees look especially nice lit up in a wooded setting conservatory. Year-round conservatories are the ideal multi-purpose room.

The conservatories in Sale Moor we build are constructed from durable high-quality materials and insulated glass. If you want to keep them looking good for many years, just wipe them down occasionally. The exterior is practically maintenance free. We guarantee all of our products, including conservatories, with a ten-year product guarantee. For the purpose of quality control and customer satisfaction, we have our own in house fitters and installers. They are trained, experienced and work to the demanding standards we and our customers expect. Contact Sterling PVCU for your free, no obligation quote. Get the conservatory you’ve been wanting at our competitive rate. We’re local but we accept projects throughout the UK.