Composite Doors in WinwickWhen you are looking for one of the top suppliers of secure composite doors in Winwick, give Sterling PVCU a call.

Many people do not know what a composite door is. The composite door is made up of a number of different materials. There is a wooden frame which provides the skeleton for a covering of GRP which is glass reinforced polyester. This skin is very strong and resistant to even the worst weather and the GRP is usually used in the manufacture of boats and baths. This makes it completely water resistant and requires no maintenance. The inside of the frame is filled with polyurethane high density foam. The foam is very strong and provides great strength to the door. The most important quality of the foam is that it is a really efficient insulator.

When you need a new door in Winwick, composite doors could be perfect for your home. Traditional wooden doors if exposed to the elements can warp and eventually rot. In the right place where they are protected from the elements they will last fairly well. Wooden doors were used for a very long time. Due to exposure to weather they tend to warp or rot after a while even if you sand and varnish or paint them regularly. The smallest crack will allow water to penetrate and the wood will swell and mould or rot will take hold. PVC doors are cheaper but less secure than composite doors. They are not very energy friendly and allow heat and cold to enter your home or office.

We are one of the best suppliers and fitters of composite doors in Winwick. Contact Sterling PVCU today or visit our showroom to see how we can make a difference to your home. We have been manufacturing our products for over 21 years and have the ability to supply the customer with what is required rather than what is in stock. We manufacture our products to the highest standard and only use leading component manufacturers so that we can be assured of quality. We control all aspects of the manufacture of our products and our quality control is particularly stringent. Our team are very experienced in production design, manufacturing, installation and technical solutions.