Composite Doors in WilmslowChoose new composite doors in Wilmslow to replace your old timber doors.

Timber doors are lovely to look at for the first few years, thereafter they need to be sanded and varnished regularly to keep them in good order. Cracks can develop in the varnish which allows the water to reach the wood. This can swell and develop rot which necessitates replacement. Our wonderful composite doors are stronger than timber and require no maintenance to keep them looking new throughout their lifetime. The main reason for having a door is to keep the weather and unwanted people out of your home.

There is a big difference between plastic and composite doors in Wilmslow. Plastic or uPVC door are made of just plastic while composite doors are made up of different materials that are pressed and glue together under high pressure to make a strong door. The materials are selected specifically for their properties and are put together to counter common flaws in single material doors. They ate much thicker than uPVC doors and are made from the highest quality materials which means they are strong, durable and weather resistant. Their outer covering is usually made from GRP which is used to build boats and is thus waterproof. The inner layers can differ from brand to brand but are normally timber framed with a core of heavy duty foam. This acts as insulation as well as adding strength to the door.

We supply and fit composite doors in Wilmslow. Our wide range of composite and uPVC doors and windows are on display at our showroom. Contact Sterling PVCU today or visit our showroom to see the large variety of durable and secure products we supply. We install all our own products with our very experienced fitting and installation team. All our products are sold with a 10 year product guarantee and we will offer you a free, no obligation quote for supply and installation of any of our products. We are experts in building conservatories to add extra space to your home.