Composite Doors in WarringtonComposite doors in Warrington clearly show how the front entrance creates the first impression of your house. Composite doors combine various materials to make the perfect build. Each component added to a composite door is selected based on its exceptional physical properties. As a result, composite doors are among the best doors in the market. Single material doors are often flawed. They are liable to damage and present few opportunities for custom designs. On the other hand, composite doors are designed to counteract faults found in single material doors.

The integrity of composite doors is unquestionable. In Warrington, composite doors are thicker than uPVC doors. Moreover, the doors are a perfect mix of strong, durable, weather resistant materials. When it comes to the structural design, composite doors are 44mm thick while uPVC doors are 28mm. As a result, composite doors offer more front door security than other doors. The strong frame coupled with glass-reinforced plastics provides exceptional protection against burglars and home intruders. Composite doors are hard to break hence their popularity in both residential and commercial premises. Sterling PVCU composite doors are a burglar-proofing solution.

When it comes to personalization of composite doors, the possibilities of composite doors in Warrington are limitless. Most designs come in white, oak, green, rosewood, blue, red and black. Nonetheless, custom designs are also available. The glass options are only limited to the imagination of the client. The doors can be styled to look rustic or ultra-modern. Depending on both your interior design and exterior style you can choose anything from a traditional English design to a contemporary urban styles design. The final finishes on the doors also accentuate the final design. Contact Sterling PVCU for affordable composite doors. Composite doors are good value for money. The doors not only look good but also last for years. The lifespan of a quality composite door extends up to 35 years. Composite doors are also easy to maintain. All you need is an occasional wipe and a few drops to the door hinges.  Not only do these doors look good, but they also offer great value for money.