double glazing in CreweIf you have heard about the benefits of double glazing in Crewe, then it is likely that you are planning on new windows in your home. Double glazing windows are made from two panes of glass. The space between them is filled with dehydrated air or a gas. Double glazing windows are specifically designed to reduce heat loss from homes. On top of that, they create twice the insulation as a single glazed unit would. They are perfect for any home or commercial building. If you are interested in double glazing windows for your building, give us a ring and we can assist you with the perfect windows.

With colder weather fast approaching, it makes sense that you’ll want your home adequately protected. In Crewe, double glazing windows are fantastic for insulation, as they help keep the heat inside your home. If your home is properly insulated, your energy bills will be significantly less. This is because less energy is used up to heat or cool a room. The safety of your home is also increased with double glazing. These units are stronger, harder to break and are sealed tighter than other types of windows. An added bonus is noise reduction. With double glazed windows, the noises from outside such as noisy traffic are reduced. There are many benefits to installing double glazing. If you would like to take advantage of these benefits, give us a call and we would be happy to provide a competitive quote for your new windows.

Double glazing in Crewe that we provide are BFRC Window Energy Rating (WER) A+12 rated windows. They are the most thermally efficient double-glazed PVC-U window on the market. For more details about double glazing products, or to request a quote, contact Sterling PVCU today. We have many years of experience in the industry and are proud of our excellent reputation for top quality products and service. We are one of the longest established companies that manufacture windows, doors, and conservatories in the United Kingdom. Each of our top-quality products is sold with a 10-year product guarantee for your peace of mind.