Bi Folding Doors in Hale BarnsBi folding doors in Hale Barns are the solution for the wall of glass look you want. When you have a beautiful view, a lovely garden and patio, enjoy it to the fullest by opening up your viewing area. Even average sized rooms with an 8 foot or even 6 foot opening will let in a lot of light with barely there bi folding doors. The framework is very low profile so it doesn’t obstruct or detract from the view. At Sterling PVCu we manufacture bi folding doors from high quality materials for a custom fit. The quality of the materials are critical to the durability, attractiveness and energy efficiency of our products. That’s why we want to show you in person the difference between our products and others that are on the market. It’s impressive.

Sterling PVCu has been in business since 1993. In Hale Barns, bi folding doors, in any size, are just one of our products. We also specialise in windows, doors and conservatories. We serve the whole of the UK either directly with our customers or our loyal trades customers that choose our products for their projects. In all circumstances, we manage the manufacture of our products from start to finish. We deliver them to the project site ourselves. We have a team of highly experienced installers to complete the installation. All of our products are sold with a ten-year guarantee so we make sure the job is done right. Our staff will assist if you choose a do it yourself installation or if you’re a tradesman. We are always here to answer questions and offer suggestions.

We often get questions about our bi folding doors in Hale Barns regarding energy efficiency and security. Most people assume a wall of low profile doors will make a very cold room in winter that will be expensive to heat. Others worry about the heat radiating off the glass making the room too hot to sit in on some days. Highly rated energy efficient glass and triple weather seals will help save energy and maintain comfort. Jimmy proof doors offer enhanced security. The doors roll on four tracks for smooth and easy opening and closing, no matter the door weight. Contact Sterling PVCu for a free no obligation quote. Our rates are competitive. However, our door system is the only one to achieve British Board of Agrement certification.