Bi Folding Doors in CheshireSterling PVCU is established as the leading window and conservatory installers and you will love their bi folding doors in Cheshire.

They look great anywhere. Use them for conservatory doors instead of French doors, access a deck from the dining or kitchen area of you home with bi fold door instead of a bulky slider or open the sunroom up to the patio. They make great looking interior doors for a home office, between a kitchen and formal dining room or foyer and living room. But their beauty is functional as well. These doors let in maximum daylight and save space. Form, function and beauty give you a lot for your money but there is still so much more. The insulated glass saves energy and the bi-fold doors are custom made in your choice of style and colour.

Exterior bi-fold doors open up sunrooms and conservatories bringing the outside in and joining the conservatory and patio creating a wide open spaciousness. For homes in Cheshire, bi-folding doors fold open flat allowing free flowing movement for your guests. It’s perfect for entertaining on warm summer nights. When used as interior doors for offices or between kitchen and dining, they fold flat for ease of movement in and out. When the doors are closed they allow for quiet from house noise without the isolation. If you prefer privacy choose a bi-fold door with frosted glass that lets the light through, brightening the house but still allowing for privacy. There are many ways our bi-fold doors allow for light and free flowing traffic.

At Sterling PVCU, we have a long history of service and quality products like our bi-folding doors in Cheshire. But our bi-fold doors have a streamlined modern look that allows for more light and glass and less bulk to the framework. We stand behind our products with a full 10 year guarantee and our own team undertakes the fitting. We control the quality of the product and installation from start to finish. Contact Sterling PVCU and let us show you the difference bi-fold doors could make in your home. We’ll give you a free, no obligation quote and as many references as you want.