Bi-Folding Doors in Alderley EdgeBi-folding doors in Alderley Edge are available in a number of different colours. They are durable and sturdy and completely weatherproof. The doors will also accommodate 28mm thick double glazing. This makes them extremely energy efficient. One of the main reasons that these doors are so popular is that they fold back onto themselves and are pushed against a wall out of the way. This allows for the entire doorway to be used as an entrance or exit. Instead of having a small doorway onto your patio there is now a removable wall which allows your room and patio to become one large space half inside and half outside.

When you need a large entrance onto your patio in Alderley Edge, bi-folding doors can extend the entire length of the wall. We highly recommend this type of door to anyone who has a patio and likes to entertain. It is also perfect as a viewing window and will give you many hours of pleasure looking out onto your garden. Once the doors are opened you feel as though there is nothing separating you and nature. Our bi-fold doors are easy to slide in and out of position and take minimal effort to open and close. Another advantage of bi-fold doors is that they make any room look and fell larger than it is.

Bi-folding doors in Alderley Edge can be used indoors as a room divider. Contact Sterling PVCU today and discuss our various options. We manufacture all of our doors from Aluminium or PVCu to exacting standards so that every door is perfect for either indoor or outdoor use. Our Aluminium doors can be made up to 2,5 metres high and each panel has a maximum width of 1 meter. The PVCu doors have a maximum height of 2,4 metres and are tailor made from 1,6 metres to 6 metres wide. The door can be any number of panels wide so it can replace a wall or French doors.