bi-folding doors in PrestburyWant to install beautiful bi-folding doors in Prestbury? They are one of the most attractive, space-saving and functional innovations in modern door design and a great alternative to sliding doors or the standard hinged double doors. Smaller bi-folding doors can be used to separate laundry-rooms, kitchens or walk-in closets, while larger ones are great for garages, room-dividers and outdoor sheds or barns. They can replace French windows or patio doors, or be used to demarcate a new enclosed space, den or shower area round a pool. The possibilities are endless! Bi-folding doors are made of separate panels attached to each other by hinges and to one wall. They are suspended between tracks on the top/bottom and they fold into a concertina pattern while being opened. To ensure smooth operation, pivot points are used. There are no ugly rubber seals or sliding mullions. You can keep them open with an elegant sash since they fold neatly upon each other.

In Prestbury, beautiful bi-folding doors are available from well-established and reputable companies, like Sterling PVCU. They have additional features like multi-point locking and can accommodate double-glazing. The width can be customised and they’re also draught-proof. One of the biggest advantages of bi-folding doors is that you can subdivide a large room into separate spaces. For instance, you can create smaller studios or working spaces, or you can divide the large room into private and public spaces, like a bedroom and living room, etc. This is great for cost-savings too, since you don’t have to build a separate room.

Beautiful bi-folding doors in Prestbury are a great way to create and define new spaces in your home or office. Though bi-folding doors are easy to operate, care should be taken not to damage the casters and tracks. In general, excessive pulling outwards should be avoided. They’re also quite sensitive to harsh detergents and cleaners, especially if they’re made from steel or have mirrored surfaces. However, the advantages far outweigh the cons. Bi-folding doors can also be enhanced with accessories like handles, fasteners, viewing panels, latches, door-bells, attractive fabric panels and decorative moldings. Contact Sterling PVCU to find out more about bi-folding doors.