Back Door Companies in St HelensYou may wonder at the difference between front door and back door companies in St Helens. At Sterling PVCU we don’t think there is any difference. That’s why we put as much emphasis on style, strength and beauty for your back door as we do your front door. For many the front door is seen by people when they pass by your home or deliver your mail and packages. If you hear the front doorbell, your family may assume it’s nobody they know at the door. Your family comes in the back door as do your friends and neighbours. That makes the back door the most important door in your home. It may also be the weakest security point. Nobody forgets to lock the front door because nobody uses it. Families don’t leave the front door unlocked for visitors but they may leave the backdoor unlocked because they spend more time in that part of the house.

Many homes have back doors that are sliders or French doors which allow an unobstructed view of the garden. For such doors in St Helens, back door companies often install cheap and ineffective locks. Sterling PVCU is not that kind of company. Choose PVCu, aluminum or composite doors and we will manufacture them to fit with strong locks. Choose beautiful composite doors that look like the finest timber product. If you prefer colour we have a full range that won’t fade, peel or rot. There are no rules about windows in kitchen doors. If you want etched, frosted, leaded or stained glass in your back door, do it. Why shouldn’t you experience the same luxury at your back door as strangers at your front door?

Doors are meant to keep some people in and others out so back door companies in St Helens need to be especially security conscious. Sterling PVCU has been manufacturing doors for 21 years with burglars in mind. That’s why our doors are durable. We also make our doors with the consumer in mind and that is why they are beautiful, nearly maintenance free, long lasting and affordable. Contact Sterling PVCU for a free back door estimate for your home. Let us show you how well made yet affordable doors can be because our company controls the design, manufacture and often the installation of our doors. Homeowners and contractors alike find us a customer friendly company to deal with.