Aluminium Windows in WilmslowRuncorn WinwickSterling PVCU installs aluminium windows in Wilmslow. For a clean, minimalist look with the focus on the glass and not the frame, consider aluminium. Aluminium window frames are lightweight and thin. They are perfect for large windows or wherever you want a wide-open full light experience. When you see the big windows of ultra-modern homes, the frames are likely aluminium. When used commercially, the look is sleek with clean lines. Aluminium windows are highly durable. They are maintenance free with one exception; long-term exposure to condensation will cause them to corrode. It’s a good idea to wipe away any accumulated moisture. That said, the aluminium windows are built to withstand the elements over many years of use. When we do remove aluminium window frames, they are fully recyclable.

The cost for aluminium window frames is more than vinyl but less than timber. In Wilmslow, aluminium windows energy efficiency is great when there are fewer panes of glass. That’s why aluminium windows are so popular for large panoramic windows and doors. We use Alitherm 600 for our aluminium window frames. This technology enhances the overall energy efficiency of the window. Aluminium is not just for modern buildings. We can supply and install the more traditional casement windows as well. We offer a range of colours and textures. The durable frames are manufactured to withstand all weather extremes without contracting and expanding, warping or twisting. Aluminium is one of the strongest materials on the market.

Aluminium windows in Wilmslow are guaranteed for ten years. We manufacture your windows from high-performance products. Our experienced team of installers carry out the professional fitting. Our company enjoys an excellent reputation for quality products at fair prices throughout the UK. Contact us when you need new windows for a free quote. We put a premium on customer service just as we do our products and workmanship. We will work with you to make sure you get the new window look you want. If you are curious about the qualities of aluminium windows as compared to other products, we’ll help you sort out the differences so you can decide the best choice for your project.